Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Restoration and Renovation Work Has Begun

Space created for Air-Conditioning Mechanical Room

Organ pipe removal

Artist rendering of new Organ Pipe location
(Courtesy of Peragallo Pipe Organ Company)

As mentioned in the bulletin on Palm Sunday, we hired the Peragallo Pipe Organ Company that informed me that our organ pipes must be the first to go out and the last to return because "dust is their enemy."

The past week or so there has been much work done behind the scenes so to speak. Our organ pipes have indeed been removed for refurbishing. Their removal creates the space needed for the new Air-Conditioning Mechanical Room. This room will be behind the original organ screen, which is currently in disrepair and covered by scaffolding (behind the blue and yellow cloth).

When the organ pipes are returned, hopefully sometime early next year, they will be relocated in the two front balconies as shown in the artist rendering above. Exciting days are ahead as scaffolding is installed in our Church, and we launch our Capital Campaign.

Stay tuned!

-- Fr. Joe