Sunday, August 2, 2009

Renovation and Restoration Corner #5: Murals and Statues

As the Xavier renovation and restoration continues, take a look at the transformation of our murals and statues - thanks in great part to the artisans hard at work throughout the summer.

Photos and captions courtesy of Forrest Evan Filler, Conservation Technician at EverGreene Architectural Arts, Inc.

Conservator Gillian Randell performing a cleaning test on one of the angel medallions on the Nave ceiling. Note the cleaned section of the scroll around the letter "L" of "Love."

Photo of half-cleaned angel medallion on the Nave ceiling. Note the left side has elements which were cleaned: the red tunic, the hand, the wing, the cloud, and the lower yellow tunic. The scroll is uncleaned in this photo.

Conservation Technician Liz Kolligs is consolidating actively flaking paint (re-attaching each flake with a thermoplastic resin via injection and ironing) on one of the Stations of the Cross murals in the Nave.

Photo of one of the plaster statues that has a missing arm. EverGreene's sculptors performed the work onsite. Note that from the deltoid muscle to the hand, the completely re-sculpted missing element mimics the Italian style of the sculpture series, taking into account art historical information to complete the compostion appropriately.