Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekly Giveaways #22 - Week of 10/04/09

This Week's Question:
As you sit in the nave, you may have been wondering what is occurring beyond the huge white curtain. Two such occurrences are the restoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary Altar and the St. Joseph altar. How much would your daily gift be over the course of the 5-year pledge period to restore the Blessed Virgin Mary Altar AND what is the difference between that daily gift and the daily gift to restore the St. Joseph Altar?

This week's give-away:

A $50 Gift Certificate to VYNL Restaurant!
Thank you VYNL!

The Winner:
Kathleen Friel

The Answer:
There are 1,826 days over the 5-year campaign (including a leap year). The Blessed Virgin Mary Altar restoration level is $60,000, therefore your daily gift would be $32.86. It’s the same for the St. Joseph Altar, so the difference is O.